Overview & Materials

The first thing you'll need to do is download the printable file pack!

* Unless you have a large-format printer, you'll need to have the board printed at a print shop.
Files are included for both the entire board (18"x18") and halves (9"x18" per file).
In most cases it may be more cost-effective to print the board in halves.

To assemble the game set, you'll need:

A sheet of foamcore board or cardboard, larger than 18"x18"

Plain paper or cardstock (letter or A4 size)

Colored or decorative paper (optional)

Spray adhesive or glue

Double-sided tape (optional)

A blade or box cutter

A pen or pencil


A ruler

Something to protect your work space, i.e. plastic or newspaper

Container(s) for the pieces, i.e. a box or bags

A pair of dice

Assembling the board

Rules, Money, Cards, Houses & Hotels

Game pieces