A quick entry for this week’s LBC theme- a floral coordinate!

I just got this AatP blouse (Rosier Chiffon) in the mail, and the little ribbon roses on the collar absolutely slay me. It’s a nice blue-toned mint, and the first blouse I’ve come across that really compliments the blue of JetJ’s Swanhilde Écharpe. I wasn’t too concerned with trying to match all of the colors in that dress, though- it’s got so many elements and accents that it would be a nightmare trying to balance them all. Instead, I’ve paired it with Triple Fortune’s Green Kingdom tights, which have a filigree and floral design that makes for a nice extension to the artwork on the skirt. They’re so similar that they actually blend into the skirt, whoops!
And to complete the look: a rose cabochon necklace from Bijou Brigitte, gold Axes Femme pumps to compliment the bronze-gold-dark ivory elements of the tights and dress, and a fancy flower coronet.

Unfortunately, it seems like we’re getting April showers a little late- these May flowers will have to wait for another weekend, but for now, there are plenty of other floral coordinates to enjoy (below!).

Sweet Expedition

New Vogue Children

Courtly Dreams for Burgher

Pastel Peggy

Vanilla & Licorice

The Bloody Tea Party


  1. Eimear says:

    I think this is such a hard dress to co-ord, the headpiece matches so perfectly, it looks great! The kitten on the front reminds me of mine when he was little. ^_^

    { }

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