Jan 272015

Finally! I gave in and bought some Bodyline shoes because of the weak yen and the free shipping campaign. They came in yesterday, and they lived up to all expectations.

Shoes 158 (“Light Blue”) on the left, Shoes 155 (“Enamel Red”) on the right.
I know a lot of people have had issues with Bodyline shoes rattling around in the shoeboxes and scuffing themselves up in transit. These weren’t packed with any kind of protective padding or wrapping, but since they fit so snugly in the boxes, they don’t have any damage. There are some extremely light smudges in spots where the pleather/PVC was pressed up against the cardboard, but it’s not noticeable in most lighting.
They also have that factory-fresh chemical smell, so I’m letting them air out. It’s already dissipated quite a bit.

Shoes 158 are a perfect match for Salon de thé Minette in Mint!

Bodyline calls this color blue, but most of the other people who’ve ordered them have said it’s more of an aqua tone, and they were right. If you’re looking for the true mint tone that these shoes have in their stock photos, avoid them! They wouldn’t match most of the conventional mints or sax blues you see in lolita clothing.

Shoes 155 are a pretty decent match for Baby’s Café Candy in red, but a slightly warmer shade. The stock photos make them look much darker and more muted than they really are.

I’m a sucker for shiny shoes, and I think the enamel fits with the poppy, kind of retro aesthetic I always have in mind when coordinating this dress. Just gotta be careful not to scuff them!

I ordered from Bodyline using the “yen trick” (changing the site currency to yen, which lowers the price by about $10 on all items) and with the free airmail shipping, which brought the price for these shoes down to $17 per pair. I think it’s a very fair price to pay for Bodyline’s quality- I don’t think I’d order from them at their normal retail prices even with the yen trick, but being able to get shoes that fit the lolita aesthetic, match well with two of the trickier dresses in my wardrobe, ship for free, and are durable and comfortable enough for occasional use was all too good to pass up.

I placed my order on January 7, and got a confirmation the next day. Bodyline sent me tracking info on the 9th (each pair of shoes was shipped separately, but at the same time, to save on shipping). The tracking showed that the packages were actually mailed on the 10th in Japan, but overall the handling time was pretty quick. They arrived in my country on the 18th, but sat in customs for a week before they were finally delivered to me yesterday, January 26. For airmail, it was pretty fast- customs was the big issue with the delay, so I won’t hold it against them. And for free shipping, I really can’t complain!

To figure out the size for the shoes, I just measured my feet in centimeters from the end of my heel to the tip of my big toe. It turned out to be 24.5cm, so I ordered both pairs in size 245, and they fit perfectly with socks on.
The heel on this style of shoe is a little higher than most of Bodyline’s other offerings, but they’re comfortable and don’t seem like they’ll be an issue during long meetups or events that involve a lot of walking.

In short, perfect for the price! I’m glad to add these to my wardrobe, and I’m excited to coordinate them!

Jan 252015

I caught the rosette bug late, and ended up making a bunch of these last night from all the odds and ends in my crafting stash.

It’s funny- the more pastels and muted colors keep trending, the more I just want to wear bold tones. The weather’s getting warmer already and I want it to be spring!

Jan 162015

I was lucky enough to score a dream dress during BtSSB’s winter sale! Salon de thé Minette’s Macaron JSK in the Mint colorway.
Nearly all of my brand items are secondhand, so it was kind of exciting to finally order something brand-new for once, direct from Baby!

Ordering was smooth and simple. I was dumb and waffled for a few days and finally placed the order on the Japanese website on December 29th, when all of the staff were on vacation- I got an order confirmation email, but had to wait for about a week until they were back and could confirm stock.
Luckily, the dress and barrette hadn’t sold out! I got an invoice on January 8, paid immediately, and the dress was shipped on the 13th. It only took three days to reach me, and I’ve been drooling over it ever since.

You’re greeted by their logo as soon as you open the box.

Both the dress and barrette were packed neatly in a standard cellophane bag, with a bonus plastic hanger. Strangest brand novelty I’ve ever gotten!

All laid out. I’m in love…!!

I chose the Macaron JSK because it has all that frothy ruffled net at the hems- so perfect. The neckline is trimmed similarly, but with wide cluny lace and a delicate venice lace accenting the ruffles.
I’m glad they didn’t use the net material for the waist ties, though, like they did with the skirt version. It looks fabulous there, but it’s so delicate that I’d be worried about its durability.

My only issue with my dress is that because everything was compressed in the bag, this bow ended up folded in on itself. The ribbon is delicate, and it’s going to need some gentle ironing to get that kink out completely- but it’s removable, which will make that easier.

And more importantly, my dress has a kitten on the bodice!! Some of the ones I’ve seen didn’t end up with the kitten featured very prominently, due to the cut and the print. It’s silly, but I’m so happy it turned out this way.
I’m also impressed with the centering of the print here. Everything was aligned very neatly, which I know can sometimes be an issue with Baby’s print pieces.

And of course there’s another kitten on the skirt, towards the front… so cute.
The print is super crisp and vibrant, and the georgette is so luxurious. It’s floaty and silky and has such a lovely soft sheen, and I love the subtle dot texture that appears when the light hits it right. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

So overall, I’m very pleased with the quality, the experience, the price- everything!
I don’t normally spring for sweet-skewing prints or pastel colors in lolita, but Baby’s prints that feature little white cats hit a soft spot for me because the illustrations remind me of my little white cat. This and Aristo Kitty’s Invitation hold a special place in my wardrobe because of that.
As with most aspects of this hobby, it’s silly, but it makes me happy. And that’s what matters most!