Nov 102014

Somebody asked me why I hadn’t added the writing on the sleeves of Garcia’s jacket. It’s because… I was saving them for something non-canonical!

My precious Paula went to Japan Expo this past August, and kidnapped my jacket before she left! She was going to get it signed by Akira Yamaoka, the composer for SotD, and it turns out Steven Blum (Garcia’s voice) and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (lead vocalist for the OST) were there too!
They were all kind enough to sign one of the sleeves and take this photo for posterity. I just wish I could’ve been there!

So it’s not 100% screen-accurate, but I’m very, very pleased. Now I just need to get Suda and Mikami’s signatures on the other arm…

Oct 072014

Decadent clothes, decadent food. It was fun to indulge on vacation, but it’s a bit of a relief to be cooking for myself (healthily and affordably) again!

Sushi lunch special- all Americanized rolls because I’m a shameful dingus.

Harlem-style chicken and waffles at Sylvia’s.

Giant macaron from the Omni hotel! The clerks at the coffee shop gave it to me because my order was off- very sweet of them.

Crab and roasted corn wrap with spinach, peppers, and slaw from Temple Grill.

High Tea! Ham sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, fruits, and a banana muffin.

Prime 16′s Honey Truffle burger: honey-truffle potato strings on a bacon cheeseburger, with truffle-garlic-parm fries. INSANE.

Cookie-dough-filled spring rolls with vanilla-hazelnut crunch ice cream at John Davenport’s. Also insane!

Bite-sized cupcakes from Baked by Melissa at JFK Terminal 5. Super adorable, and surprisingly affordable.

Oct 072014

RuffleCon was incredible. I’m so glad I took the chance to go- it was frustrating and daunting getting over to the East coast alone, and I sure piled a lot on my own plate with the Handmade Contest, but come that weekend it was nothing but bliss. Being surrounded by so many beautiful people and such overwhelming positivity was a perfect vacation.

It’s so humbling to have had so much support and goodwill from old friends, new friends, and strangers alike. It was amazing to see and meet you all, and I hope we’ll all see each other again soon! This year’s con was fantastic, and I know next year’s will be even better.

Oh, and I found a bit of time to shop. There were some great deals…!

Blouse: Rococo Soul

JSK: Metamorphose “Girlie Things”, from the lovely Truly Darling

Corsage by the marvelous Moss 

Cat brooch from Enchantlic Enchantilly

Tights by Triple Fortune

Biscuit brooch by the wonderfully Sweet Mildred

Necklace from the fabulous Un-Re’s Attic